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At the core of The Percussion League model is the system of training and development. With the integration of partner clubs & gyms, we provide tools and resources to help trainers navigate the expectations and milestones that will help students be successful on their journey to greatness!

While every partner gym & club has its own personality and identity, the foundation of skill-building remains the same. By using this process, it allows each organization to remain independent while still providing the tools to create well-rounded percussionists that are able to reach the same level as others from around the world.


& Evaluations

The Percussion League is a year-round activity that hosts and sanctions events in partnership with various circuits, organizations, and schools around the world. Over the course of a year, participants and ensembles can choose from a variety of events and evaluations ranging from competitive drumline competitions to symphonic percussion evaluations. Percussion League sanctioned events are part of the Classic Season, and allow participants to earn eligibility to compete and perform at Championship & Super Season events.

Image by Diane Picchiottino

Throughout the Classic Season, participants receive points from each event which are added to their Performer Box. Scores are updated weekly and showcased through our leaderboard system which includes local, regional, national, and world-wide rankings in all categories*.

(Evaluation Only participants scores are NOT included in leaderboard rankings)


Image by Dylan Gillis

Bias-Free Sytem & Education

Judge & Evaluator


The Percussion League utilizes fact-based scoring in conjunction with mathematical algorithms to create a reduced bias environment for both judges and performers. Through the use of our unique system, performance feedback is clear and easy to understand, with a higher accountability rate for accuracy and trustworthiness.

All judges that participate in sanctioned events are required to have a certification by The Percussion League and maintain active status on a yearly basis.

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