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The Percussion League uses a educational, and fundamentals focused system to create an immersive & effective program that is engaging and fun for participants of all ages and styles.


what makes up the system?

The season

The Percussion League system operates on a yearly basis known as a "League Cycle" divided into 2 seasons in order to provide greater flexibility and opportunities to participants around the world. Each portion offers unique opportunities to receive quality feedback, network with other members, and perform at the highest level possible.

classic season

The Classic Season is the

"open opportunity" portion of The Percussion League Cycle concept when participants can join events as either Challengers or Open Players. The season is built with numerous sanctioned regional events and monthly milestones which participants use to qualify for the Super Season.

super season

The Super Season is the highlight of a League Cycle and offers participants the chance to join events with the top challengers from the Classic Season. To participate in this season, participants must qualify during the Classic Season and be in good standing with the league. The Super Season concludes with a national championship event, where top challengers are invited to join for finalist rankings.

milestone challenges

Utilizing an effective curriculum is the basis for any strong educational process. The Percussion League offers participants an opportunity to showcase their hard work and dedication to educational improvement through a universal system of "Milestone Challenges".

Participants are able to complete "Milestone Challenges" and earn various physical/virtual badges & awards that can be displayed to show that they have earned their place in the Percussion League community of percussionists. Every challenge features both a performance and knowledge segment where participants will have to display an in-depth understanding of both how to perform as well as the background/history/technical details of what the element they are being evaluated on.

Every milestone features unique badges from one of the fundamental categories as shown below. They are able to earn more badges in sub-categories for various specialties such as different instruments, or skill-sets.



Focused on rudimental drumming skills such as the PAS 40 Rudiments, Original 13, Hybrid-Rudiments, and other concepts that are integral to drumming.



Focused on melodic percussion, and the skills and concepts that are vital to playing those instruments such as understanding of major or minor scales, rag-time studies, technique fundamentals, and more.



Specialty-based milestones that represent influential studies & people within the percussion community such as playing Markovitch or Delecluse solos, or completing various Peters or Abe works.

CONSISTENT evaluations

The Percussion League  built with an unremarkable vision for consistency that starts at the administrative level all the way to the performers. Through the use of a variety of elements, The Percussion League system works towards removing biased evaluations, non-uniformed metrics, and critical boundaries that restrict the progress of performers regardless of their style, background, and skill-level.



Using a clear and defined system of metrics and rubrics, performers/teachers are able to receive influential feedback that students of all ages can understand and learn from.

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